"The heart and foundation of my artwork is the idea behind it. I love things that surprise or educate in some way—something seemingly ordinary that becomes extraordinary if you just take the time to study it a bit longer.

When conceptualizing for a project, in addition to designing it to be visually stimulating, I ask myself several questions: Can the piece specifically relate to its location? Is it engaging the public more than just visually or inviting them to participate in some way? Will the viewer (or I) learn something they didn’t know before from the creation of this artwork?

Art is an educational tool that is often overlooked, so I am always delighted when I find a way to add a thought-provoking correlation, hidden message, twist, or other surprise to my work."

In 2015 Marsha received the George and Annie Lewis Custer Award for Heritage Citizenship for her banner designs incorporating patterns from Downtown Renton’s historic architecture.

In 2017 the Galvanizing Art Projects (GAP) program Marsha developed as Chair of the Renton Municipal Arts Commission resulted in the Commission being awarded the 2017 WA Governor’s Smart Communities Award.

Marsha works under her studio name, Equinox Art & Design, and her illustration and surface pattern portfolio can be found at www.equinoxart.com. Her graphic design portfolio is at www.equinoxartdesign.com.

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